Welcome to the new website of Moore Stephens Serbia!

While developing our website, we followed the requirements for standardized visual appearance within the MSIL network, as well as new marketing trends. In addition to visual improvement, we tried to give the site more informative and usable value, primarily for clients and potential clients, but also for those who intend to start or continue their careers in our company. We hope that we succeeded in that.

One of the most important innovations is an overview of "What do clients say ", i.e. recommendations of clients from various business sectors to whom we provide different types of services. We were pleasantly surprised by the response of clients we addressed with the request for a recommendation. We especially emphasize that the clients themselves (therefore, without our suggestions) have written sincerely what they think about us as a company, our expert team and the quality of the services we provide. We are truly grateful and proud of what they have written. We will do our best to not fail the trust shown. We apologize that due to limited space we were forced to have some of them shortened.

On the Sectors page, by different industries i.e. activities, instead of listing references, we have placed the logos of some of the clients we provide different types of services.
We have significantly expanded our team's display, including photos, contacts and short biographies of all employees with partner and managerial titles.

Career page has been enhanced and we had it linked to Facebook with material containing number of photos that follow various employee activities.

News & views page should, going forward, inform the visitors of the website on issues of importance for their business, as well as to announce and follow the events in our company.

Installation of a website in the English language is ongoing, therefore not in all cases a literal version of the Serbian content should be expected.

We worked hard and in a very short period of time, so we are certain some mistake unintentionally might have occurred which we will try to correct as soon as possible.

We are glad that you are on our website and we hope you will like it!